Thursday, March 17, 2011

PeopleSoft Test Framework

PeopleTools 8.51 has introduced a new and exciting feature: PeopleSoft Test Framework (from now on PTF). This tool can be used to automate testing of PeopleSoft applications. Unlike other testing automation tools, PTF has the following advantages:

  • PTF is a testing automation tool designed to interact with PeopleSoft. It is quite easy to install and put it up to speed.
  • Tests are stored in PeopleSoft database as metadata. This allows developers to migrate tests between environments, pretty much like any other PeopleTools object.
  • Based on Usage Monitor, testers can determine which tests are impacted by a given application change: upgrade, bundle and/or customization.
PTF seems the perfect tool to automate a large degree of regression testing, thus reducing significantly the effort (and therefore cost) of testing after an application change. Particularly in upgrades, when test cycles are conducted over an over again, PTF may help to reduce the time and increase the quality needed for testing efforts.

There are still some shortfalls of PeopleSoft Test Framework. First of all, tests for PeopleSoft applications are still not delivered in the standard product, although some companies are already offering test bundles for certain modules (we at BNB are looking at offering a bundled service based on the test cases built on our installed customer base).

The second shortfall is the lack of stress testing capabilities. Still, there are plenty of tools on the market to perform this kind of testing.

All in all, it seems a very important step forward in PeopleSoft technology in order to reduce implementation and upgrade times and increase the ROI of those projects.


Rakesh said...

The absence of delivered tests for the standard application might be good for companies that are willing to provide such test bundles. In fact it can give birth to a niche market.

Would like to do some hands-on on this!

Thanks for posting.

Neeraj Kholiya said...


Just curious , if we have any documentation on installation process .

Unfortunately I didn't get hands on 8.52 but planning to do it asap.

Anonymous said...

I am curious to know and learn about PTF framework in detail. You have shared so many benefits of this testing too that is primarily designed for PeopleSoft. I am glad to know about this tool from your blog. Thanks a lot for sharing the usage as well as shortfalls too.
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Dhanraj Konduru said...

It's time for 8.53 :)

Anonymous said...

What about the pricing for peoplesoft test framework is it charged separately or it comes with peopletools bundle.. can you please mail me the pricing strategy and roi for peoplesoft test frame work. can you please mail to

Eric Thomson said...

I have a blog just about using PTF that I invite you to participate in. Thanks

Peoplesoft developers said...

thanks for such a wonderful page, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Anyone tried working with PTF 8.53
Migrated testcases from PTF 8.52 are showing error like 'Index and length must refer to a location within the string.Parameter name :Length'
Any idea how to resolve this issue

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