Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cloning elements in Global Payroll

I've been lately involved in a couple of PeopleSoft Global Payroll implementations. One of the pain areas in dealing with Global Payroll rules definition is that there does not seem to be an easy way to clone or save an element with another name. Re-entering the element again is not always an option, specially if you are dealing with a formula, array or bracket with several lines.

Just a couple of weeks ago we found out a way in which we could clone elements. Here it is:

  • Create a Rule Package with the elements you want to clone in it.
  • Export the Rule Package.
  • Rename (both pin name and code) the elements.
  • Import and apply the Rule Package you previously exported.

We still think we could make it easier with a bit of customization, by automating export and import of the package rule, as it is on the same database.

Anyway, I hope this is useful. Have you found any other way to do this?


ElFer said...

Me ahorraste mucho trabajo con este tip, gracias!
saludos de Peru

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Ila said...

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Eva Lona said...

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Remunance said...

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Javier Delgado said...

Thanks Remunance for your feedback!

Intelli said...

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